It's a privilege to be a student of pcbaba😇. He is an excellent faculty n a great mentor. I've studied drafting virtually but he never makes it feel so by extending his hand in case of any queries. And the best part is every concept fits into the mind in his lectures itself as he pinpoints basic concepts from the root.
Anjali Budhani
It is with pleasure that I call myself a Student of Praveen Sir, CR being a very technical subject, it becomes very difficult for students to study on their own. But PC Baba actually makes you fall in love with the subject, with constant revision and live examples in the class. The classes were excellent, interactive & interesting and deep knowledge was received in a friendly environment which makes it even more interesting. Sir’s focus has always been on conceptual clarity first, because he believes that if your concepts are clear, only then you are able to put it in words. I am very grateful to Sir for guiding throughout. It was fun attending classes. His method of taking cumulative revision helped me a lot to score distinction in Corporate Restructuring. And he ensures that you get the most out of yourself for the exams thus putting yourself in a state of absolute confidence. He helped me in achieving conceptual clarity & thus improving me on the practical front of the subject also. Apart from the syllabus Sir always helps for making the time table for studies, how to prepare for the examination, time management and provided tips with respect to paper presentation as well which is also very helpful. Sir’s one day revision batch is cherry on the cake Its rightly said that “all big things come in a small package” one day revision class at the crucial time are very helpful, in one day we get to revise every crucial topic. I consider myself very lucky and wish that again I get a Chance to attend your classes. PC Baba Rocks
Payal Bang (Nagpur Topper)
I have studied corporate restructuring and drafting from pravin sir and he makes the subjects so much easier for the students to understand. He explains every concept in such a way and with simple examples so that the student has complete clarity about the subject. The best thing is that we can ask the stupidest of our doubts and he would always be ready to solve each one of them as soon as it was possible.
Sanskruti Desai (Nagpur Topper)
Company law being the core subject of company secretaryship; it is necessary to understand the subject conceptually. PC sir makes company law exceptionally easy to understand. His teaching gives student conceptual clarity. The techniques sir told about "how to study the subject" helped me a lot during the session. Quality of him that makes him one of "the best" teacher and mentor that i've come across is his friendly nature. He might not be the best but he is one of his kind PC baba ki jai! 🙌
Aman Dakole (AIR 21)
In the year 2016, I was a student of PCbaba for subjects like Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence, and Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Insolvency for the Professional Programme. Learning with PCbaba always felt like a breeze. He made even the toughest concepts light as air. However, if at all, you ever got caught in the storm, he made sure he pulls you right out. The classroom atmosphere was friendly and interactive. I had never walked out of his class with doubts or unsettled concepts. Everything was always clear as crystal. Since I was associated with him for more than 3 years, it has been a journey with him. A journey where he has helped me grow as an individual and as a professional. I shall forever be indebted for his unconditional support.
Amarpreet Kaur